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Santiago de Queretaro or just Queretaro is the capital city of the state with the same name and is one of the most important cities of the area known as Bajío Mexicano because, along the history, Queretaro has been the scenario of important historical events. Querétaro is located just 200 km from Mexico City and is considered one of the cleanest cities and with better quality of life than other cities in Mexico.

The weather in Querétaro is mostly warm and dry, with average annual temperature of 18°C. Querétaro is an historical city; the first ideas of a free nation were born here and extended until culminating with Mexico’s Independence. The Ancient Iturbide Theater listened for the first time the National Anthem. Known today as República Theater, it also hosted the congress that shaped the 1917 Constitution.

Queretaro is a city with stunning artistic, cultural and historical beauty. In 1996 UNESCO granted the appointment of World Heritage to the Monuments Zone of its Historical Center. Here you’ll find a very alive Bullfighting tradition with its two Bullrings: Santa María Bullring and Juriquilla Bullring.

Out of the many attractions that Queretaro has, the gastronomy stands out by its culinary delights. You can’t leave the city without tasting the gorditas queretanas, lamb barbacoa, atole de teja with sunflower seeds, mole, the famous enchiladas queretanas, just to mention a few. Queretaro’s gastronomy is a clear example of the mix of different cultures during Viceroyalty, due to the fact that because of the proximity of Queretaro to Mexico City it always has been an important city where miscegenation of customs, traditions and rituals of the Mexicas and Spanish took place, resulting the current society.

The beauty of its architecture relies on the Historical Center. Its churches share baroque style and the monuments remain in perfect conditions.

On the outskirts of the city we find woody flora that keeps a colder weather in the highest zones; perfectly conserved, the woods of Sierra Gorda of Queretaro are the lungs of the city, ideal for adventurous travelers who want to do some ecotourist activities.

Recently, a new Bike System has successfully upgraded to a sustainable mean of transportation. Queretaro has numerous museums, plazas, art galleries, big malls, restaurants of traditional and international cuisine, craft markets, an aquatic park and even a racetrack. Due to its intense richness, Queretaro is a city that perfectly combines modernity, history and sustainability.



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