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Places of Interest in Queretaro, Mexico

Santa María Bullring

The Santa María Bullring keeps alive the ancient bullfight tradition brought by the Spanish to the new continent. This cultural show has shown bullfighters from around the globe to Santa María Bullring. Besides, the enclosure hosts important sociocultural shows as concerts of well-known international and national artists. Check the billboard to find out about upcoming events.

Shoenstatt Sanctuary

Located just fifteen minutes away from downtown Queretaro, at the municipality of Corregidora, this sanctuary venerates the Shoenstatt Virgin, also known as Virgen del Pueblito. This sanctuary is a replica of a sanctuary of the Virgin in Germany, the Shoenstatt cult extended all over the globe. The locals took the temple, which brings hundreds of Faithfull on the most important festivities of the catholic religion that seeks to show their religious compromises.

Historic Center

The Historic Center of Queretaro is also known as Zone of Historical Monuments of Queretaro and has the original geometric map made by the ancient inhabitants of the zone, who coexisted peacefully with the Spanish. This can still be seen on the numerous archeological sites in the historical center, from big baroque buildings as República Theater, Aqueduct, the Academy of Bellas Artes, Casa de la Marquesa and other mansions; the religious temples and ex convents as San Agustin or Santa Cruz, hold history in every wall; also some plazas and gardens are located in all the Historic Center zone such as Casa de Basurto, Arte Garden, Plaza de la Constitución, among others. The Zone of Historical Monuments is also surrounded by restaurants, cafeterias, museums, libraries, and more places of interest.

Metropolitan Theater

This newfangled theater opened in 2012 offering a modern space for arts and culture. Unique in its kind, the Metropolitan Theater is the fifth best equipped of the country in matter of technical requirements and specifications to give the best quality in sound, illumination and video. It has three halls; the Sala Principal has space for 1,344 spectators, the Teatro Experimental hosts 305 people and a Dance Hall dedicated to theater and dance groups. The Metropolitan Theater can host concerts, festivals, corporation events, plays, cinema premieres, dance, opera house and other cultural events. Check the billboard to find out about upcoming events.


Tequisquiapan is a Magical Town located one hour away from Santiago de Querétaro by road. Tequisquiapan distinguishes by its tranquility, blue skies and amazing weather most of the year. Through its picturesque streets you’ll transport to a real province stuck in time, where the plazas and houses still have the Viceroyalty style. Despite being a small town, it has several places of interest, such as Santa María de Asunción Church, Plaza Miguel Hidalgo or La Pila Park. Also here you can make ecotourist activities as horseback riding, camping, even hot air balloon flights. Tequisquiapan combines cultural and traditional elements making it an unforgettable destination.

Cavas Freixnet

The weather in Queretaro makes it an ideal place to grow vineyards, and it is one of the main 100% Mexican wine producers. Therefore you cannot leave without taking a tour on a cave: with 25 meters depth, a guide will join you in every step of the process of transforming the grape into wine, while you taste the delicious Mexican wine. The tours are every half hour on Monday to Friday from 12 to 15 hours and Saturdays and Sundays every hour from 11 to 16 hours.

Bernal’s Boulder

Villa de San Sebastián Bernal is a Magical Town, also known just as Bernal. It’s a small town that you can tour by foot. Here are the main caves of Queretaro and other places of interest, but the one that catches the attention of adventurous travelers is the Boulder which, according to the locals, provides vital energy; the myth has become so popular that during spring equinox locals and tourists climb to the top to recharge positive energies. Although you can go over a great part of the road by car, there is also the option of climbing into the top, hiking and rappelling. A whole adventure!

San Juan Del Rio

This picturesque town is located just 50 minutes away from Santiago de Queretaro. With nice weather, this town is an important industrial center because it’s an entrance to an ancient mine region. A great attraction is touring from above on a hot air balloon. Its streets have colonial architecture and thick vegetation, surrounded by craft shops, coffee shops and restaurants. San Juan Del Rio has a one of a kind museum: the Death Museum, which represents death as the Mexican cultural phenomena; besides the museum is located inside an ancient building that used to be a cemetery until the 19th century.

Cadereyta de Montes

This natural paradise is the entrance to Sierra Gorda de Querétaro, located an hour away from Santiago de Queretaro, Cadereyta de Montes is a zone with numerous ecosystems ideal for different nature tourism activities, such as hiking, fishing, climbing, visit the impressive caves or visiting Zimapán Dam; also has two archeological zones, Las Ranas and Toluquilla. Its Historical Center has baroque architecture; its streets with beautiful mansions will catch you with their impressive beauty.

Sierra Gorda Queretana

Sierra Gorda is a tourist community, hidden between an impressive thick vegetation of woods, fog and jungle. Arriving at this tourist destination from the capital takes a little less than two hours, but the journey becomes light with the magnificent view. The area is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra Gorda and embraces a third part of Queretaro’s municipality. In this area there are 5 Franciscan missions, museums, archeological zones and countless natural attractions, as the Chuveje waterfall or el Sótano del Barro.



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